Advant Master

Advant Master es un sistema ABB ampliamente instalado y compatible. Es utilizado por muchas personas que tienen la intención de permanecer en esa plataforma durante muchos años.

PU516 ABB - Engineering Board -PCI 3BSE013064R1

PU516 Engineering board with one MB300 and one RS-232 port for 5V 32-bit 33MHz PCI bus. With 16Mbyte memory.

170.818,08 MXN
CI547 ABB - Communication Board 3BNP004429R1

CI547 Communication Board with slave processor for Masterbus 300 Includes a slave processor,and thereby reduces load from the central processor module PM150.

163.169,51 MXN
DSCS 140 ABB - Communication Processor 57520001-EV

Master Bus 300 Communication Processor

149.657,04 MXN
DSBC 176 ABB - Bus Extender Board 3BSE019216R1

DSBC176 Bus Extender Board

147.872,37 MXN
CI532V09 ABB - Accuray Interface Module 3BUP001190R1

CI532V09 Accuray Interface Module

135.124,75 MXN
CS513 ABB - Communications Module 3BSE000435R1

CS513 IEEE 802.3 LAN-Module

135.124,75 MXN
CI532V03 ABB - Communication Interface Module 3BSE003828R1

CI532V03 Communication Interface Module - Siemens 3964(R)

130.025,70 MXN
DSTA N040 ABB - Analog termination unit 3BSE018436R1

DSTA N040 Analog Termination Unit with internal safety monitering functions, for use with DSAI 133N

114.218,66 MXN
DSTX 170 ABB - Connection Unit 57160001-ADK

DSTX170 Connection Unit

91.782,85 MXN
CI626V1 ABB - Communication Interface Module 3BSE012868R1

CI626V1 AF100 Communication Interface Unit AF100 for coaxial cable

81.584,76 MXN
PU516A ABB - Advant Engineering Interface Module 3BSE032402R1

PU516A Engineering board with one MB300 and one RS-232 port for 3.3V or 5V 32-bit 33MHz PCI or 100/133MHz PCI-X bus. With 16Mbyte memory.

75.210,95 MXN
CI526V1 ABB - Interface Module 3BSE012870R1

CI526V1 ISA to AF100 Coupler. The CI526V1 board and modem are used for connection to the Advant Fieldbus 100 bus. The CI526V1 board uses a full length ISA slot in the personal computer (PC)

70.876,76 MXN
MB510 ABB - Program Card Interface 3BSE002540R1

MB510 Program Card Interface Module

63.738,09 MXN
CI570 ABB - MasterFieldbus Controller 3BSE001440R1

CI570 MasterFieldbus Controller

63.483,14 MXN
TC514V2 ABB - AF 100 Twisted pair/opto modem 3BSE013281R1

TC514V2 AF100 Twisted Pair to Opto Repeater

62.208,38 MXN
CI532V01 ABB - RCOM Interface 3BSE003826R1

CI532V01 Submodule RCOM Interface, 2 channels

50.480,57 MXN
CI526 ABB - Interface Module 3BSE006085R1

CI526 ISA to AF100

40.282,47 MXN
CI531 ABB - Submodule RS232 Interface 3BSE003825R1

CI531 Submodule RS232 Interface, 2 channels

38.242,85 MXN
DSTC 190 ABB - Connection Unit 57520001-ER

DSTC 190 Connection Unit for IEEE 802.3

28.809,62 MXN
TC516 ABB - RS485 Twisted Pair Modem 3BSE012632R1

TC516 RS485 Twisted Pair Modem

28.554,66 MXN
TC570 ABB - Master Fieldbus Connection Module 3BSE001458R1

Master Fieldbus Connection Unit

28.554,66 MXN
DSBC 172 ABB - Bus Supervision Board 57310001-KD

DSBC172 Bus Repeater Module

28.044,76 MXN
DSTD 131 ABB - Connection Unit 57160001-HU

DSTD 131 Connection Unit for Digital Output Board 16 channels, max 240V

16.826,86 MXN
TC801 ABB - D-SUB 9 Connector Split 3BSE008562R1

TC801 D-SUB 9 Connector Split for AC70

10.708,00 MXN
DSTC 406 ABB - Terminating Unit 57520001-DX

DSTC 406 is needed in conjunction with the modem DSTC 452. The modem connects from the SDB to the LDB. The 406 is used on the SDB side as termination, one is needed per modem. "DSTC 406 is used if the modem is an ""final"" modem."

8.413,43 MXN
TK405 ABB - Communication cable 3BSE003775R25

Communication cable AC500 accessory for CP400 Control Panel

6.628,76 MXN
DSTC 120 ABB - Connection Unit 57520001-A

DSTC 120 Connection Unit for Asynchronous Communication Interface

5.608,95 MXN
TK624V030 ABB - Cable assembly 3BSC950138R1

TK624V030 Cable assembly, L=3m

4.844,09 MXN
ABB CI534V04 Allen- Bradley Interface Sub Module

CI534V04 Allen- Bradley Interface Sub Module

ABB CS513K01 MasterBus 300E Communications Module

CS513K01 MasterBus 300E Communications Module

ABB CS513K02 MasterBus 300E Communications Module

CS513K02 MasterBus 300E Communications Module

ABB DSTD150AI DSTD 150AI Connection Unit

DSTD150AI DSTD 150AI Connection Unit

ABB TK526V050 ABB Cable

TK526V050 ABB Cable